Meet the team

Dino Ordu

MANAGER AND HEAD CHEF Award winning chef, Dino Ordu
As an award winning chef, with a pedigree earned in top London hotels Dino Ordu proved himself in the last ten years having run the Milano Restaurant in Leominster with the ability and talent of a true chef. It s easy to see why Mr. Dino has been so successful.​ With a Turkish father and Italian mother, he knows everything about exotic and Mediterranean food but his true experience in the hectic kitchens was gained in the two most popular hotels that find -tuned his culinary skills.
” I love all types of international food- in the past i have worked at Park Lane Hilton Hotel and a sous chef at the Savoy Hotel on the Strand “.
Working at such first- class hotels, Mr. Dino learned from the best and he has been bringing this level of cooking to Leominster since opening Milano and his is keen for people in the town to embrace Italian cuisine more.
“I really want to get more people to come in and see what we can do. We have 90 dishes on the menu here and it s about much more than pizza. We have starters, mains and desserts, a wide range of pasta, chicken, veal , steak and fish. This restaurant is a real opportunity for the county to have more choice”.
For Mr. Dino the most important thing is to show improvement to his customers with more inspiration and hard working and to bring Leominster in the front with all the other towns of a high level.
Passion and quality will always define Dino’s work and his team effort.